The relentless force of the sun can wreak havoc on your interior furnishings over time. Whether it’s your prized furniture, cherished artwork, or elegant draperies, prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to fading, discoloration, and deterioration. However, a formidable solution offers protection against hurricanes. It shields against the sun’s harmful effects and impacts hurricane windows and doors.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the mechanisms of sun fading, explore the benefits of impact hurricane windows and doors, and discover how they can effectively combat the sun’s damaging rays to preserve the beauty and integrity of your home’s interior.

Understanding Sun Fading

Sun fading, or photodegradation, occurs when ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate through windows and doors, causing chemical reactions within the molecules of fabrics, wood, and other materials. This process leads to a gradual loss of color intensity, resulting in a dull, washed-out appearance. While all materials are susceptible to sun fading to some extent, certain factors can exacerbate the damage, including prolonged exposure, the intensity of sunlight, and the type of material.

Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors: A Protective Barrier

Impact hurricane windows and doors are designed to withstand hurricanes’ destructive forces and severe weather conditions. Crafted from robust materials such as laminated glass and reinforced frames, they create a formidable barrier against wind, debris, and water infiltration. However, their benefits extend far beyond hurricane protection. By their construction, impact hurricane windows and doors offer unparalleled defense against UV radiation and sun fading.

How Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors Combat Sun Fading

1. UV Protection: Impact hurricane windows and doors are equipped with laminated glass featuring interlayers that effectively block up to 99% of UV rays. By minimizing UV penetration, these windows and doors significantly reduce the primary cause of sun fading, thereby preserving the vibrancy and integrity of your interior furnishings.

2. Enhanced Insulation: In addition to UV protection, impact hurricane windows and doors provide superior insulation properties, minimizing heat transfer and UV-induced temperature fluctuations within your home. By maintaining a stable indoor environment, these windows and doors mitigate the conditions conducive to sun fading, prolonging the lifespan of your cherished belongings.

3. Durability and Longevity: Unlike traditional windows and doors, impact hurricane windows and doors are engineered to withstand the harshest elements year-round. Their robust construction ensures long-term durability, offering lasting protection against sun fading and other forms of damage. With minimal maintenance requirements, these windows and doors provide homeowners peace of mind and investment value.

The Benefits Extend Beyond Protection

Investing in impact hurricane windows and doors not only safeguards your interior furnishings from sun fading but also confers a myriad of additional benefits:

1. Security: Impact hurricane windows and doors serve as a formidable deterrent against intruders, enhancing the security of your home and family.

2. Noise Reduction: The superior insulation properties of impact windows and doors dampen outside noise, creating a quieter indoor environment.

3. Energy Efficiency: By minimizing heat transfer and reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems, impact hurricane windows and doors contribute to energy savings and environmental sustainability.

4. Insurance Premium Reduction: Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes equipped with impact-resistant windows and doors, which can result in potential cost savings for homeowners.


Sun fading poses a significant threat to your interior furnishings’ longevity and aesthetic appeal. However, with impact hurricane windows and doors, you can fortify your home against this pervasive menace while reaping additional benefits. From UV protection and enhanced insulation to security and energy efficiency, these innovative windows and doors offer a comprehensive solution for homeowners seeking to preserve the beauty and integrity of their living spaces.

Please don’t wait until the sun fading takes its toll on your cherished belongings. Invest in impact hurricane windows and doors today and safeguard your home for years.

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