Can Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors Be Used for New Construction and Retrofitting Projects?

In areas characterized by harsh weather conditions, as these distinctive type of storm windows and doors are necessary for any home protection. They are strong enough to brunt severe wind and even flying objects, thus assuring safety and guaranteeing comfort. However, an important question often pops up – are impact hurricane windows and doors suitable for both retrofitting and construction purposes? Absolutely! This article discusses how new constructions and existing structures can benefit from the use of these windows as well as doors, and explains about their benefits, installation steps as well as homeowner advice.

Understanding Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors

Hurricane impact windows and doors are designed to survive adverse conditions from hurricanes. They are constructed from laminated glass composed of different layers bonded together by a tough interlayer, normally polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This design guarantees that the glass will not fall into pieces in case it breaks resulting in people’s safety. It is important to note that the items are water-proof and in case they come into contact with water accidentally. Additionally, the frame can either be made of metals like aluminum or vinyl which are strong hence enhancing its ability to resist rusting or when it accidentally drops off someone’s hands this serves as a protective measure against damage caused by terrains that are not smooth.

Benefits of Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors

The wide advantages of hurricane impact windows and doors best necessitate understanding before implementing them in new buildings and renovation.

  1. These windows and doors are very hard to break, making them resistant to both natural calamities and burglaries thereby offering better home protection in terms of safety and security.
  2. Energy efficiency is a function of the insulation: it helps to maintain indoor temperatures resulting in lowered energy costs.
  3. Decrease noise: This laminated glass provides improved sound proofing leading to less noise inside the building.
  4. Blocking many UV rays, they protect interior furnishings from fading, that is; they provide UV protection.
  5. Insurance Benefits: There are many potential benefits to homeowners who have these features built into their homes.

Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors in New Construction

There are various benefits of using impact hurricane windows and doors in new construction projects. This is because they are a wise dilemma for fresh builds:

1. Seamless Integration

Impact hurricane windows and doors easily fit in the new building plan. House designers and construction workers can arrange them even before construction begins to avoid any errors on sizing or placement that would take long to correct later.

2. Enhanced Building Codes Compliance

In hurricane-prone regions, building codes usually demand that homes have impact-resistant windows and doors, which necessitates incorporating them in new construction projects for easy observance of local regulations without the necessity for future upgrades or modifications.

3. Long-Term Investment

When constructing impact windows and doors, factors such as these ensure that the home is protected from the very first day of construction. Hurricane and severe weather-related potential damages and expensive repairs can be avoided by the homeowners applying such an anticipative approach.

4. Increased Property Value

Buyers often find homes with impact hurricane windows and doors, appealing. This is because those who install them increase both the appeal and price of such properties consequently acting in their best interests economically as well as from the perspective of a developer or a potential resident.

Retrofitting with Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors

Retro-fitting impact hurricane windows and doors into homes that already exist affects them positively. Here is how older homes can be made over by such renovations:

1. Enhanced Protection

Greatly improves its capacity to resist hurricanes and intense weather conditions from hurricanes, and the upgrade builds on this reassurance to homeowners that they are better off having their valued investments secured against natural calamities.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

In retrospect, the old housing units’ insulation and efficiency should have been improved. The installation of a home’s more energy efficient doors and windows that could withstand pressure can give the advantage of making a house cozier thus saving on money meant to pay for utilities.

3. Increased Home Value

Retrofitting a home with impact hurricane windows and doors can increase its resale value just like new construction. These features’ advantages are well known among possible buyers who will, probably, pay more for a house that has an improved level of safety, is energy-efficient and attractive.

4. Compliance with Modern Standards

Retrofitting helps in modernizing ancient households. By doing this, older homes are taken to the standards of the current buildings in which they must adhere to local regulations and any municipal building codes making them be more essential especially when a homeowner is planning to dispose them off.

Installation Process for New Construction and Retrofits

There is a slight variation in the setup process for hurricane windows and doors which offer protection against hurricanes. Here is what to expect under both conditions.

New Construction Installation

  • Incorporating impact windows and doors into the house involves designers and builders who assure appropriate location and size.
  • Framing: The Impact resistant windows and doors openings are framed to accommodate the models so that a precise fitting can be effected.
  • Installation: Professionals who install these windows and doors fit them into the prepared openings, securing them according to the manufacturer’s specifications and building codes.
  • The windows and doors are tightly sealed and insulated by the installers to prevent air and water leaks making them more energy efficient and weatherproof.

Retrofit Installation

  • We perform a comprehensive evaluation of all windows and doors currently in place in order to establish the most effective method of restoring them.
  • Taking out: The old windows and doors are removed with care so as to cause as little disturbance possible to the neighboring structure.
  • Arrangements are being made to modify the existing openings so that they can fit the new impact resistant kind by either changing the dimensions of the frames or making them stronger.
  • Installation is the following: the new windows and doors are put in place, making sure the fit is correct according to what the manufacturer recommends
  • The addition of new windows and doors by installers enhances energy efficiency and protection against harsh weather by sealing and insulating them.


To sum up, hurricane windows and doors impact on both new construction and retrofitting projects are multifunctional and beneficial. These sturdy options contribute to security alongside the key roles that focus on efficiency in power consumption, quietness, limiting UV rays that affect different materials including reaching human skin and increased worth of premises at stake. As far as new builds are concerned, they fit into design automatically guaranteeing adherence to legislations governing these structures in addition to future security. By significantly upgrading an older home’s resistance and energy efficiency during retrofitting projects, they make it more appealing to potential buyers.