Lifespan and Maintenance of Impact Doors and Windows

When it comes to safeguarding your home from the elements and potential intruders, impact doors and windows are a popular choice. These robust and durable components provide both security and energy efficiency, making them an excellent investment for any homeowner. However, like any part of your home, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure they serve their purpose effectively over the years. In this article, we will explore the expected lifespan of impact doors and windows and provide essential maintenance tips to keep them in top condition.

Understanding Impact Doors and Windows

Impact doors and windows, often constructed with laminated glass and reinforced frames, are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, including hurricanes and strong winds. They are also effective at deterring burglars, thanks to their shatter-resistant properties. These features make them a valuable addition to your home, enhancing its safety and energy efficiency.

Expected Lifespan

The lifespan of impact doors and windows can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the materials used, the installation process, and the level of maintenance they receive. On average, well-maintained impact doors and windows can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. However, with proper care, some high-quality units have been known to endure for 30 years or more.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure that your impact doors and windows reach their expected lifespan and beyond, here are some essential maintenance tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the glass surfaces clean and free from dirt and debris. Use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to prevent scratching.
  • Inspect Seals and Weather Stripping: Check the seals and weather stripping regularly for wear and tear. Replace any damaged or worn-out components to maintain energy efficiency.
  • Lubricate Hinges and Locks: Lubricate hinges and locks to prevent them from sticking or rusting. Use a silicone-based lubricant for smooth operation.
  • Inspect Frames: Examine the frames for any signs of damage or wear. Cracked or warped frames can compromise the security and effectiveness of your impact doors and windows.
  • Remove Debris from Tracks: Clear debris and obstructions from the door and window tracks. Accumulated debris can hinder proper operation.
  • Recaulk as Needed: Check the caulk around the frames and recaulk if necessary. Proper caulking helps maintain a tight seal, preventing air and water infiltration.
  • Schedule Professional Inspections: Arrange for professional inspections at least once a year. A qualified technician can identify any issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.
  • Address Issues Promptly: If you notice any problems, such as cracked glass or damaged frames, address them promptly. Neglecting issues can lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the road.
  • Protect Against UV Rays: Consider applying UV-resistant film to the glass to protect against the damaging effects of the sun. UV rays can cause fading and deterioration over time.
  • Secure Locks and Bolts: Ensure that all locks and bolts are functioning correctly. A secure locking mechanism is essential for both security and energy efficiency.

Benefits of Proper Maintenance

Investing time and effort in the maintenance of your impact doors and windows offers several

  • Longevity: Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your doors and windows, ensuring they continue to provide protection for years to come.
  • Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained doors and windows maintain their energy-efficient properties, helping you save on heating and cooling costs.
  • Security: Properly maintained locks and frames ensure that your home remains secure and resistant to intruders.
  • Aesthetics: Clean and well-maintained doors and windows enhance the overall appearance of your home, both inside and out.
  • Resale Value: Homes with impact doors and windows in good condition tend to have higher resale value, making them a sound investment.

Customer Testimonials on Lifespan and Maintenance

To further illustrate the importance of maintaining impact doors and windows, we’ve gathered a few customer testimonials:

John D. from Miami, FL: “Our impact doors have been through several hurricanes, and they’re as sturdy as ever. Regular maintenance is the key. We clean them, inspect the seals, and make sure everything is in top shape. It’s a small effort for the peace of mind they provide.”

Susan M. from Tampa, FL: “After a particularly strong storm, we noticed a small crack in one of our windows. We called for repairs right away, and the technician also performed a full maintenance check. It’s incredible how much of a difference it makes in the longevity of these products.”

Mike R. from Fort Lauderdale, FL: “I admit, I neglected maintenance for a while, thinking these windows were indestructible. But after a few years, I realized they weren’t performing as well. Now, I have a regular maintenance schedule, and they’re back to their best.”


Impact doors and windows are a valuable investment in your home’s safety, energy efficiency, and overall aesthetics. To ensure they fulfill their purpose and reach their expected lifespan, regular maintenance is essential. By following the provided maintenance tips and heeding the advice of satisfied customers, you can enjoy the benefits of these durable products for decades. Proper maintenance not only preserves their effectiveness but also adds value to your home, making it a win win for homeowners.

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