Can you recommend a reputable manufacturer for impact hurricane windows and doors?

When hurricane season arrives, every homeowner should have confidence their windows and doors can withstand extreme winds, debris, and rain. That’s only possible by selecting durable products from reputable manufacturers that meet the most stringent impact standards. This guide will demystify the top brands to consider and factors for choosing trusted impact-rated windows and doors to protect what matters most.

The Critical Need for Impact-Rated Products

Let’s first understand why impact resistance is so vital in hurricane-prone regions:

  • Hurricane winds can exceed 155 mph, exerting enough outward pressure to destroy poorly protected windows and doors.
  • Flying debris like roof tiles, lumber, and rocks act as dangerous projectiles that can smash through standard glass during storms.
  • Driving rain seeks any crevice it can to penetrate a home’s interior without durable sealing and construction.
  • Storm surges bring flooding that can apply immense hydraulic pressure against exterior openings.

To withstand these threats, windows and doors must meet advanced engineering benchmarks through rigorous testing. Impact-rated products are repeatedly proven to withstand these conditions to shield homes and save lives when severe weather strikes.

Top National Brands to Trust

Through firsthand experience, Patriot Windows and Doors recommends focusing your search on reputable national brands with proven track records of performance:

  • PGT Innovations – Industry leader renowned for stylish vinyl and aluminum impact-rated options featuring proprietary technology. Extensively tested for wind, debris, and intrusion resistance.
  • WinDoor – Veteran specialist in technologically advanced polyurethane foam-filled frames with composite reinforcements tested to the toughest coastal standards.
  • Custom Window Systems – Robust aluminum and stainless steel frames with laminated glass designed to withstand major hurricane-force winds and prevent break-ins.
  • Solar Seal – Foam-injected thermally efficient framing and insulated glass units provide energy savings alongside hurricane protection.
  • Windsor Windows & Doors – Windsor is known for expertly engineered windows and doors that maintain beautiful aesthetics through custom sizes and design flexibility.
  • CGI Windows – This respected manufacturer utilizes heavy-duty aluminum reinforcements secured with structural silicone to meet the most stringent coastal codes.
  • DaVinci Windows – DaVinci delivers attractively priced pultruded fiberglass options that meet code requirements for high velocity hurricane zones.

Top Florida-Based Brands

In addition to prominent national manufacturers, Florida is also home to specialty brands focused on the unique hurricane protection needs of local homeowners:

  • ES Windows – Veteran Florida manufacturer meeting Miami-Dade large and small missile impact standards. Trusted for both residential and commercial projects.
  • American Hurricane Windows and Doors – Leading supplier of hurricane-specific products tested to block flying debris and forced entry while reflecting solar heat.
  • Stormbreaker Plus – This company focuses on foam-filled impact windows and doors with insulated laminated glazing that provide energy efficiency alongside strength.
  • Atlas Impact Windows and Doors – Atlas utilizes structural silicone glazing, dual-pane insulated glass, and pultruded fiberglass reinforcements to deliver proven protection.
  • VitroCon Window and Door Systems – Producing affordable vinyl impact windows and doors for Florida homes that are tested to withstand the pressures and impacts of extreme weather events.

Key Buying Considerations

No matter which brand you consider, look for these signs of authenticity:

  • Miami-Dade and FBC Approval – Critical for homes in Florida’s hurricane zones, Miami-Dade verification signifies the highest standards of testing.
  • Impact Ratings – The right protection level matters. WindZone ratings indicate resistance levels for your risk zone.
  • Energy Compliance – Insulation and efficiency matter too. Seek EnergyStar qualified options or specified U-values and SHGC ratings for your climate.
  • Robust Materials – Look for laminated insulated glass, thermally broken steel reinforcements, composite or reinforced framing, and heavy-duty weather seals specifically.
  • Warranties – Well-engineered windows and doors should have at least 10 years of coverage for added purchaser protection and trust.

Here are some tips for choosing the best impact hurricane windows and doors for your needs:

  • Consider your climate and weather conditions – Areas prone to high winds, debris, driving rain or storm surges need enhanced protection with a higher impact rating and water resistance.
  • Evaluate your home’s unique needs – The opening sizes, styles, materials, and architectural aesthetics should help guide your product selection. Measure precisely.
  • Assess your budget – Impact products carry a cost premium but provide long-term benefits. Focus spending on essential exposures like large windows.
  • Prioritize critical living areas – Bedrooms, living rooms and other frequently occupied spaces with vulnerable windows and doors should take priority.
  • Select durable low-maintenance materials – Robust aluminum, high-performance vinyl, composite fiberglass and stainless steel stand up to coastal conditions.
  • Verify authentic testing and certifications – Look for legit Miami-Dade approval and impact ratings from testing labs to confirm hurricane-resistance claims.
  • Compare energy efficiency credentials – Many impact products offer additional insulation and U-values that contribute to energy savings and comfort.
  • Consider noise reduction needs – Multi-pane laminated glass, tight sealing, and heavy frames also provide sound dampening.
  • Check manufacturer warranties – Reputable brands offer 10-20 year coverage of materials, finishes, seals, and components against defects.
  • Ask about custom options – Many top brands offer custom sizing, tints, hardware styles and layouts tailored exactly for your home’s windows and doors.
  • Hire professional installers – Precise integration and sealing is vital for designed performance. Let experts handle the entire replacement process.

Get Your Home Hurricane-Ready with Patriot Windows and Doors

Now that you understand the importance of high-quality impact-rated windows and doors, it’s time to fortify your home for maximum protection.

For over 15 years, Patriot Windows and Doors has helped South Florida homeowners safeguard what matters most against hurricanes and severe storms. As a local family-owned company, we take tremendous pride in protecting homes with products engineered to the strongest standards.

Our credentialed experts make the entire impact window and door selection, specification, and replacement process smooth and stress-free:

  • Home Evaluation – We’ll assess your existing windows and doors along with your home’s unique needs to recommend the right products.
  • Trusted Brands – We offer only top certified brands like PGT, WinDoor, and ES Windows proven reliable in storms.
  • Precision Measurements – Openings are measured down to the exact dimensions for a perfect custom fit.
  • Flawless Installation – Our crews are factory trained to integrate and seal impact products properly with your home’s structure.
  • Affordable Options – We offer excellent financing with low monthly payments for any project scope or budget.

Don’t leave your most valuable asset vulnerable – contact Patriot Windows and Doors today for a FREE in-home consultation. We’ll inspect your home and provide a precise quote so you know exactly how to make your home hurricane-ready.

Prepare now so you can rest easy knowing your family and home are protected even in the worst storms. Patriot Windows and Doors stands ready to turn your house into a secure home. Contact us today!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are 10 sample FAQs on the benefits, types, installation, and costs of impact hurricane windows and doors:

Q. How do impact hurricane windows actually protect my home during storms?

A. Impact windows use laminated reinforced glass and robust framing to resist shattering from debris strikes and remain structurally intact in hurricane-force winds. This prevents water and wind intrusion even if the external pane breaks.

Q. What are the main types of impact window options available?

A. Common impact window types include casement, double hung, sliding, fixed picture, and specialty shapes like circular or geometric. Impact doors come in French, sliding, swing, and garage styles.

Q. Is the installation process any different for impact windows versus regular windows?

A. Impact window installation requires precision mounting into the structural framing and careful sealing for maximum wind and water resistance. Most brands recommend using experienced authorized installers.

Q. Do impact windows come in as many styles and custom options as regular windows?

A. Many top brands offer impact windows in just as many styles, colors, hardware options, and custom sizes as traditional windows so they can match your home’s look.

Q. How much more expensive are impact windows and doors compared to non-impact products?

A. Expect to pay around 50-100% more for impact windows over standard products. But they provide greater protection, insurance savings, durability, and resale value.

Q. What are the main benefits of impact windows beyond hurricane protection?

A. Other benefits are noise reduction, security against intruders, UV protection, better energy efficiency leading to cost savings, and enhanced curb appeal.

Q. Do impact windows reduce noise from outside?

A. Absolutely. The multiple glass layers, airtight seals, and heavy frames provide excellent noise dampening from traffic, construction, and other external noises.

Q. Will impact windows lower my energy bills and environmental impact?

A. Advanced insulating impact windows can reduce energy usage by up to 15%, lowering utility bills and carbon emissions from power generation.

Q. How long should properly installed high quality impact windows and doors last?

A. Expect a lifespan of 25-30 years for impact windows and doors when properly cared for and maintained, 2-3 times longer than ordinary products.

Q. Can impact windows be installed in existing homes or are they for new construction only?

A. Impact windows and doors can be installed affordably in most existing homes. Various frame types are available to fit different wall materials and openings.

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