Best impact hurricane windows and doors

When living in hurricane-prone areas, protecting your home against extreme weather is a top priority. Impact hurricane windows and doors are essential components that provide the needed safety and security. These specialized windows and doors are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and severe weather conditions. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best ones for your home? In this article, we will explore the top-rated impact hurricane windows and doors to help you make an informed decision.

Impact Hurricane Windows:

  • PGT Custom Windows + Doors: PGT is known for producing high-quality impact-resistant windows that can endure even the strongest storms. Their products are energy-efficient and come in various styles, making them a popular choice for homeowners.
  • Andersen Windows: Andersen’s Stormwatch series offers impact-resistant windows with a wide range of design options. These windows combine style with robust protection.
  • Simonton StormBreaker Plus: Simonton offers cost-effective impact windows without compromising on quality. They come with excellent warranties and provide reliable hurricane protection.
  • Eco Window Systems: Eco Window Systems offers customizable impact windows with various energy-efficient features. They’re known for their quality and customer service.

Impact Hurricane Doors:

  • Therma-Tru Doors: Therma-Tru produces impact-rated entry doors that are not only strong but also aesthetically pleasing. These doors are a favorite among homeowners looking to make a statement.
  • PGT Custom Windows + Doors: PGT also excels in manufacturing impact-resistant doors. Whether you need sliding, French, or entry doors, they have you covered.
  • Masonite Doors: Masonite provides a range of impact-rated doors that are stylish and durable. They are a reliable choice for homeowners seeking safety and elegance.
  • Plastpro Doors: Plastpro specializes in impact-resistant fiberglass doors. These doors offer impressive insulation and protection. They also come in a variety of designs.

How to Choose the Best Impact Hurricane Windows and Doors:

  • Local Building Codes: Check your local building codes and requirements for hurricane protection. Ensure that the products you choose meet or exceed these standards.
  • Impact Resistance: Look for products that have been tested and certified for impact resistance. Impact windows and doors should have the necessary ratings to withstand strong winds and debris.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consider the energy efficiency of the windows and doors. Energy-efficient options can help you save on heating and cooling costs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Your home’s style matters. Choose impact windows and doors that complement your home’s aesthetics. There’s no need to sacrifice style for protection.
  • Installation: Proper installation is crucial for the effectiveness of impact windows and doors. Make sure you hire experienced professionals for the job.
  • Warranty: Check the warranties offered by the manufacturer. Reputable manufacturers often provide substantial warranties, ensuring the longevity of the products.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations:

To give you an idea of the best impact hurricane windows and doors from a homeowner’s perspective, here are some customer reviews:
David S. from Miami, FL: “We installed PGT impact windows and doors, and they’ve been excellent during hurricane season. We’ve had no issues, and they look great.”
Linda T. from New Orleans, LA: “Therma-Tru’s entry door not only offers protection but has enhanced the curb appeal of our home. We receive compliments from our neighbors all the time.”
Mark R. from Key West, FL: “Our Andersen impact windows have been energy-efficient and sturdy. We appreciate the peace of mind they provide.”


Choosing the best impact hurricane windows and doors for your home is a critical decision. These products are not only essential for safety but also contribute to your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. It’s important to research, consider local requirements, and consult with professionals. Be sure to read customer reviews and recommendations to gauge the real-life performance of these products. The right choice can provide you with years of protection, style, and peace of mind during hurricane seasons.

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