Will the installation of impact doors and windows require any modifications to my existing structure?

Are ESwindows certified to meet industry standards for hurricane protection?

Hurricane season often stirs anxiety among homeowners across storm-prone coastal regions. When forecasts predict a major storm making landfall, there is little time for last-minute preparations. That’s why forward-thinking homeowners choose to invest in reliable hurricane protection systems ahead of time.

ESwindows is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your home or business from catastrophic wind and water damage. For over 30 years, ESwindows has provided Florida homeowners peace of mind knowing their properties are secured to the absolute highest standards.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why ESwindows represents one of the most trusted names in hurricane protection. We’ll look at what sets them apart in terms of stringent certifications, robust construction, versatile product lines, and proven capabilities to withstand extreme weather threats. Let’s get started.

Why Your Home Needs Hurricane Protection

Before examining ESwindows specifically, let’s review the various ways hurricanes damage homes and businesses. This will help underscore why advanced protection systems are so crucial.

Hurricanes unleash their destructive forces through:

  • Extreme winds – Hurricane winds can reach over 155 mph, with gusts exceeding 200 mph. This exerts tremendous outward pressure against the building envelope, which can rip away roof shingles, siding, soffits, and destroy poorly protected windows and doors.
  • Flying debris – Fierce winds propel all types of objects at high velocity to act as battering rams against the home’s exterior. Research shows debris impact is responsible for the majority of window and door damage during storms.
  • Rain infiltration – Heavy rains driven horizontally by high winds can infiltrate the smallest crevices and openings to cause interior water damage. Advanced sealing is critical to prevent water intrusion.
  • Storm surge – Coastal flooding due to storm surge causes sea levels to rise 10 feet or more above ground level, which can smash through doors and windows and inundate properties. Storm surge is another major cause of hurricane destruction for coastal homes.
  • Structural failures – Damage to the roof and walls from winds, debris, and flooding puts additional stress on windows and doors that can buckle under the added structural loads.

In light of these formidable threats, every potential weak point in the home’s structure must be comprehensively addressed. Windows and doors are especially critical lines of defense against hurricanes. Advanced impact-resistant products like ESwindows are specifically engineered to meet each of these threats.

Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions

All ESwindows products are rigorously tested and certified to meet the most stringent coastal building codes and even surpass them. The Florida Building Commission has verified ESwindows comply with tough Miami-Dade and FBC protocols, considered the “gold standards” for hurricane protection. This includes passing a battery of tests simulating the most violent conditions:

  • Large and small missile impact tests using 9 lb 2×4 lumber shot at 50 mph. This simulates deadly high-speed storm debris and is far more extreme than building code requirements. ESwindows successfully withstand the blows without catastrophic damage or failure.
  • Structural load tests applying up to 90 psf of inward and outward pressure far exceeding wind loads in the most powerful hurricanes up to Category 5. ESwindows don’t budge.
  • Static air pressure tests up to 13.5 psf demonstrate impenetrable resistance against wind-driven rain. ESwindows provide watertight protection.
  • Accelerated cyclic pressure tests with pressures fluctuating intensity and direction rapidly to mimic turbulent winds. ESwindows shrug them off.
  • Forced entry testing to certify these windows and doors protect against break-ins even when homeowners are forced to evacuate during storms.

By certifying their entire product line to these rigorous standards that mimic the most damaging hurricane forces, ESwindows provides complete peace of mind no matter how extreme conditions may become. Home and business owners can have full confidence their properties will remain protected before, during and after the storm.

Built to Last

Of course, withstanding a single catastrophic storm is not enough. ESwindows are engineered for durable long-term performance, not just short-term survival. Key structural design and material features include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum framing utilizing high-strength T5 and T6 alloys. The robust framing is designed to resist warping, sagging, expansion, and contraction even under extreme loads. Aluminum withstands harsh coastal conditions without corroding.
  • Laminated or insulated glass units incorporating tough interlayers to retain glass fragments and prevent dangerous shattering when impacted. Many ESwindows glazing options meet rigorous standards for safety glazing.
  • Multi-point locking mechanisms and continuous compression seals that repel wind-driven rain infiltration from all directions. The frame remains weathertight under duress.
  • Reinforced frame corners secured with structural adhesives and mechanical fasteners to maintain integrity when subjected to high winds and pressures.
  • Subsills engineered to integrate perfectly with any building material – wood, steel, concrete, or masonry. This allows for ideal performance in new construction or replacement projects.
  • Precision-machined assembly with reinforced joinery maintains uncompromising structural integrity over the windows’ lifespan.

In essence, ESwindows are custom-engineered to perform reliably for decades, even under continual assault from corrosive coastal environments and periodic hurricanes. Homeowners can expect a lifetime of protection.

Complete Product Lines

Homeowners and architects will appreciate the versatility, selection, and design freedom ESwindows’ extensive product lines provide. Two separate offerings are available:

  • Elite Series – This heavy-duty 3” impact-rated product line meets the small missile standard per Miami-Dade protocols. It provides the industry’s highest level of hurricane protection, making it ideal for luxury coastal homes, waterfront properties exposed to extreme weather, and critical commercial projects. Unique architectural shapes and custom layouts deliver inspiring aesthetic options.
  • E-Line Series – A more affordable contemporary aluminium window and door suite with sleek 2” slimline framing. E-Line still provides reliable large missile impact protection meeting Miami-Dade standards for most residential settings further inland. Expansive sizing options and design flexibilities make the E-Line a great choice for modern homes and multi-family projects focused on cost-effectiveness.

Within these two families, ESwindows offers fixed, single hung, horizontal sliding, casement, and sliding door systems. This range provides homeowners, builders, and architects the ideal products to secure any openings. Matching sidelites, transoms, and architectural shapes enable whole-home solutions.

And with the ability to customize sizes, finishes, hardware styles and colors, glass types, muntin grids, and other options – there’s virtually no limit to aesthetic possibilities. ESwindows offers the flexibility to harmonize with any architectural style.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Today’s homeowners demand windows and doors deliver more than just strength – they also must provide energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. ESwindows excel in both areas.

All ESwindows utilize optimized thermal isolation technology to deliver exceptional energy performance:

  • Low-E insulating glass coatings reduce solar heat gain and loss by reflecting infrared energy. This helps keep interiors comfortable in summer and winter. Low-E glass also blocks harmful UV rays to prevent fading.
  • Inert gas fills like argon between glass panes supplant common air-filled units to insulate against heat flow. The improved glazing insulation means lower energy costs.
  • Insulated frames with thermal breaks prevent conduction through framing members to minimize condensation – an especially helpful feature in humid climates.
  • Multi-layered weatherstripping prevents air infiltration to stop wasted energy from leaking out or entering. ESwindows remain draft-free and comfortable.

For the ultimate in efficiency, ESwindows offers Energy Star options meeting strict EPA certification guidelines. Installing Energy Star rated windows and doors can reduce household energy expenditures by up to 12% annually.

Beyond boosting efficiency, ESwindows are also an eco-friendly choice due to their durability and low-maintenance nature that reduces the need for replacement. Aluminium framing won’t rot, warp, or decay over time like wood windows. The impact-resistant construction minimizes the likelihood of glass breakage.

Superior construction means ESwindows save resources in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements and repairs. They represent a sustainable, planet-friendly building solution.

Perfect for Home Window Replacement

A great number of homeowners exploring ESwindows are interested in replacing outdated, inefficient, or damaged windows in existing properties. ESwindows make an ideal retrofit solution:

  • Multiple subsill options readily adapt to any construction type – concrete, wood, steel or masonry. This ensures quick, non-invasive installations.
  • Precise custom manufacturing based on field measurements of existing openings guarantees a perfect fit with no gaps or leaks.
  • Capable of inserting laminated or insulated glass units into existing frames when permitted by codes. This provides an affordable upgrade.
  • Attractive flush-mounted interior trim creates a clean, consistent look throughout the home’s interior.
  • Sized to precisely match existing openings without requiring additional panning or messy fillers that look unprofessional.
  • Eliminates complex field fabrication that might compromise the structural integrity of units.

When homeowners hire a reliable company like Patriot Windows & Doors to handle the entire replacement process, they benefit from a smooth, efficient installation with no construction mess or headaches to deal with.

Product Certifications Matter

When comparing hurricane window and door brands, product certifications should be front and center. Here’s an overview of the major independent tests and codes ESwindows comply with:

  • Miami-Dade County Protocols – Considered the gold standard for hurricanes, Miami-Dade verification is critical for homes in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone. All ESwindows meet these stringent requirements.
  • Florida Building Code – The state building code aligns with Miami-Dade standards in requiring impact-resistant windows and doors. ESwindows are fully approved for use statewide.
  • Large and Small Missile Impact Ratings – ESwindows lines meet either large or small missile standards (or both) per Miami-Dade based on test impacts from 9 lb 2×4 lumber.
  • Forced Entry Testing – Units are subjected to repetitive impacts and jimmying to certify resistance against break-ins when homeowners evacuate during storms.
  • Energy Star Ratings – Select ESwindows models meet EPA guidelines for energy efficiency and sustainability. Energy Star windows must demonstrate strict thermal performance.
  • Structural Load Testing – Products are pressure tested beyond design loads to prove resistance to hurricane winds up to 150+ mph.
  • Cyclic Pressure Testing – Windows undergo rapid repeated pressure fluctuations to simulate turbulent wind gusts and driving rain.
  • Water Infiltration Testing – Measures resistance against water intrusion under hurricane-force wind speeds. ESwindows are impervious.
  • AAMA Certification – Verifies compliance with quality manufacturing and performance standards established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

By submitting products to such extensive independent testing, ESwindows demonstrates a commitment to the highest engineering and design standards. Homeowners can be confident in real-world performance.

Robust Window Construction

Now let’s examine how ESwindows achieve such outstanding test performance through intelligent design and component selection:

  • Heavy-duty aluminium framing – Fabricated from T5 and T6 alloys to create an incredibly impact-resistant structure not prone to warping, sagging, or corrosion. Available in 3” and 2” depths.
  • Laminated glass – Heat or pressure strengthened glass panes fused with flexible interlayers to retain fragments when broken while also dampening sound.
  • Insulated glass – Multi-pane airspace units with inert gas fills improve thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • Structural silicone glazing – Impacts absorbed by advanced silicone cushions securing glass to frame rather than rigid mechanical bites.
  • Reinforced corners – Frame corners and mullion joints secured with structural adhesive and mechanical fasteners maintain integrity under loading.
  • Multi-point locks – Provide enhanced security and continuous compression to repel wind-driven rain. Exceed forced entry resistance standards.
  • Weatherstripping – Multi-layered barriers prevent air infiltration while keeping homes comfortable in any weather.
  • Subsills – Allow integration with every construction type – concrete, wood, steel or masonry. Ensure lasting weathertight performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware – Durable coastal-grade components stand up to salt air environments.

The sum of these rugged parts ensures ESwindows outlast ordinary windows and doors that fail prematurely.

Glass and Glazing Options

ESwindows offer exceptional flexibility when it comes to glass and glazing capabilities:

  • Laminated Glass – Heat strengthened or fully tempered glass is fused with internal flexible sheeting called an interlayer. This prevents shattering by retaining fragments when impacted. Interlayer options include:
  • PVB – Polyvinyl butyral sheets provide safety, security, UV filtering, and sound control. Available in standard clear or tinted. Also helps insulate.
  • SentryGlas® – For the ultimate in strength, SentryGlas ionoplast interlayers create five times the rigidity and resilience versus PVB. It also aids insulation.
  • Vanceva® – Delivery colorful tinting effects while blocking over 99% of UV rays. Unique visual aesthetics.
  • Insulating Glass – Multi-pane airspace units offer the best thermal performance. Glass options include:
  • Annealed float glass –economical option for low-risk applications.
  • Heat strengthened – Enhanced strength with up to three times the resistance to thermal stresses versus standard annealed glass.
  • Tempered – Fully tempered glazing provides up to five times the strength of annealed, making it ideal for doors and required for safety glazing near floor levels.
  • Low-E coatings – Improve insulation while rejecting solar heat gain and blocking UV rays. Choose among solar control, low solar gain, or passive low-E variants.
  • Tints – Gray, bronze, green, blue, and other hues available to modulate visible light, solar gain, and aesthetics.
  • Spandrel – Opaque glass to conceal structural elements and HVAC systems on building exteriors.

With unlimited combinations of glass makeups, thicknesses, coatings, interlayers, and colors, ESwindows can match any performance specs and visual design requirements.


When hurricane season approaches, homeowners can feel reassured rather than anxious by having trusted ESwindows protection secured throughout their properties. ESwindows are proven to meet the building industry’s toughest standards for storm protection as verified through Miami-Dade and FBC certification.

Their rugged designs are engineered to provide decades of reliable service – keeping out wind, rain, flying debris, and intruders. Attractive, energy efficient, and low maintenance, ESwindows represent a smart investment that preserves your home’s integrity for years to come.

Contact Patriot Windows & Doors to learn more about our hurricane-resistant ESwindows systems, ideal for any new construction or replacement residential or commercial project. As a leading provider of impact-resistant windows and doors, our team of experts makes selecting the perfect products for your home or business easy. We take pride in delivering the confidence and peace of mind that comes with protecting your most valuable investment with ESwindows designed to meet the industry’s toughest standards. Trust Patriot Windows & Doors and ESwindows to safeguard what matters most from the threats posed by hurricanes and severe weather.

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